About Frances Gerraty

Frances GerratyI am a qualified Naturopath, Trainer and Educator, with over 7 years of clinical experience. Through education, one-on-one support and personalised treatment, I aim to inspire others to live healthy, vital and happy lives.

My background in science (Mathematics and Physics) led me to the corporate world of finance, with all its pressures and workplace stresses. In a lightbulb moment I realised that I wanted to give more to people, and help others live vital, happy lives, fully engaged with good health and energy.  This led me to my studies to become a Naturopath, and a well-welcomed career change.

My passions include women’s health and natural fertility. I experienced first-hand the importance of good health for healthy preconception and pregnancy, particularly for older first time mothers. My appreciation of the miracle of conception and birth ignited my desire to help others achieve their dream of a child.

I am a qualified trainer (Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment). I have worked as a trainer in aromatherapy, inspiring others to use nature’s gifts of essential oils and natural products for health and beauty. I regularly run Health, Wellbeing and Skin Care seminars.

I regularly attend seminars, workshops, webinars and read to keep up to date with the latest scientific and holistic research.  I will research new material to better understand your conditions and to put together the best treatment plan for you.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Hons, Uni Melb), Adv Diploma of Naturopathy (Endeavour College of Natural Health), a Bachelor of Music (Uni Melb), and Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment.

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