Women’s Health

Period pain? PMS? Moody, irritable, hate that time of the month? PCOS? Endometriosis? Menopausal?

Women’s health problems can impact on our enjoyment of life,ranging from regular niggling discomfort, inability to work or function at certain times of the month, through to fertility and chronic health issues. Pharmaceutical medications can help mask the symptoms, but may not help to treat the underlying cause.

A naturopathic approach can help uncover the cause of hormonal imbalances and help identify the best treatment approach. For example, many women get prescribed the oral contraceptive pill for period pain which, while it masks the symptoms, does little the address the underlying cause of the problem. Period pain can be due to a variety of issues, including low magnesium, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and of course stress.

Your Path to Feeling Better

Frances uses a three step approach to determine the cause of your reproductive health issues and devise a treatment plan for you:

1. An initial fact finding consultation and assessment of your symptoms, current diet, lifestyle, personal and family medical history.

2. An assessment and testing session: This may include Functional Pathology tests such as salivary hormonal profile and urinary hormone metabolites

3. A discussion with you about your tailored treatment program, specifically based on your test results and tailored for what is “do-able” for you. This may include dietary advice, Practitioner-only nutritional supplements and herbal medicine.

Frances recommends regular follow-up consultations to continually monitor your improvement and adjust your treatment accordingly.

Peri-menopause is a difficult time for many women, but some simple dietary changes together with herbal and nutritional support can help to manage the symptoms as our bodies naturally move into a new stage of life. Frances will provide a specific treatment plan for you to manage your symptoms and improve your overall health and vitality

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