Healthy You, Naturally

Frances Gerraty, Naturopath
It is your right to be healthy, naturally.

Frances Gerraty is a fully qualified Naturopath (ANTA member)
who helps you to restore and maintain good health with Natural Therapies.
She is passionate about health and wellbeing, and combines the best of medical science with evidence based natural therapies.

qualified naturopath

Hi, I’m Frances, qualified naturopath and trainer.

I aim to inspire others to live healthy, vital and happy lives.
Please call 0405 354 980 or contact me via my contact page.

Let me help you get the most out of life.
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Why Choose Naturopathy

True wellness is wellness of the whole person

Naturopathy incorporates nutritional medicine such as vitamins and minerals, diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and homeopathy. It aims to treat the whole person rather than individual symptoms, drawing on traditional remedies and scientific evidence. It is an integrative therapy that works in conjunction with conventional medicine, helping to enhance treatment and maintain good health. 

Why Choose Healthy You, Naturally

Frances has over 7 years of clinical practice.

As a qualified practitioner, Frances only prescribes the highest quality Practitioner only supplements and herbal medicines, based on clinical evidence and traditional use.  Frances will assess your symptoms and medical history, and recommend diagnostic testing where appropriate, to understand the root cause of your health concerns.

You’ll be armed with methods, dietary advice and a personalised treatment protocol to treat the cause of your symptoms, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As a mother of two, Frances appreciates the time-poor issues of motherhood and the struggles with children’s health.  She incorporates her experience with her knowledge of natural medicine to cater for busy mothers and children.

Frances’ background is in the finance industry and in Corporate Training and Education, prior to working as a naturopath.  She understands the hectic life of the corporate world, and the importance of balance and healthy eating in a fast paced work place.

Modalities used include Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Food as Medicine, Iridology.